Calories burned with Xbox 360 Kinect today

I did my first training session today on the Xbox 360 platform with Kinect! The game I am testing first is Ubisofts "Your Shape - Fitness Evolved". To get me going I chose to do the training programme called "Start sweating", a 20 min session with many different moves.

Many of the routines in this training programme involved leg movements. When it comes to increasing your heart rate, moving big muscles like your thighs is known to raise the heart rate more than just moving smaller muscles like those in the arms (especially mine). Of course I was wearing the heart rate monitor, a Garmin Forerunner 210, during the workout session.

In the beginning I thought there were too many resting periods inbetween the exercises to be able to reach a high enough heart rate to feel some exhaustion at all. But halfway into the session I actually started to feel som sweat coming and my heart rate stayed quite nicely around 150 bpm the last couple of minutes. Take a look at the graph generated by the Garmin Connect online tool.

Heart rate when playing Your Shape - Fitness Evolved on Xbox 360 Kinect

How many calories did I burn?

One of the features of Your Shape - Fitness Evolved is that you in realtime can follow the amount of calories you've burnt. However, there was a huge discrepancy between the games counter and my heart rate monitor. According to my heart rate monitor I've burnt 205 calories but the game counter only gave me 85! My heart rate monitor uses my profile settings and my heart rate to calculate the calorie count. The game on the other hand only has my profile settings (age/weight). I'm thinking maybe the game simply calculates the number of correct movements I've made and I did a lot of errors today! Even though I do errors, e.g. punching with left hand instead of right, my heart is still pumping and of course I burn calories anyway. Another source for error is that during the resting periods (10-15 sec) my heart rate is still increased but the calorie count in the game stands completely still. I was too focused on following the personal trainer in the game today to dig into this in detail. I will try to make concious errors another time to see what happens with the calorie counter in the game.

Now I will get some good nights sleep and report on muscle ache tomorrow? Nah, muscle ache by playing video games for 20 minutes...I can't admit that, could I?